~*My Athens (A Playlist)*~ 

Nana Grizol- Circles ‘Round The Moon (youtu.be/zzL-seezx5Q)
Werewolves- Monuments (werewolves.bandcamp.com)
Quiet Hooves- Feelin’ Down (quiethooves,bandcamp.com)
Caliko- All That I Want (caliko.bandcamp.com)
Eureka California- I Write TV Themes (eurekacalifornia.bandcamp.com)
Outer Spaces- Creature of Nature (outerspaces.bandcamp.com)
Four Eyes- Tiny Love Song (foureyesathens.bandcamp.com)
El Hollin- Bats (elhollin.bandcamp.com)
Mouser- The Curtis Song (mouser.bandcamp.com)
Helen Scott- Listen Leo (helenscott.bandcamp.com)
Titans of Filth- Survival Tunes (titansoffilth.bandcamp.com)
Wade Boggs- … (reverbnation.com/wadeboggs)
Whiskey Sunrise- It’s not Goodbye, but just Until We Meet Again (whiskeysunrise.bandcamp.com)
Grape Soda- Obvious Signs (grapesodaath.bandcamp.com)
Hot New Mexicans- It’s Called Leaning Back (myspace.com/hotnewmexicans)
Gnarx-Pizza Core (gnarx.bandcamp.com)
~*Secret Track*~
Reptar- Housebout Babies Demo Version (youtu.be/BFBC9hhvInA)
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