It’s National Library Week — like Shark Week but with cardigans.
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6AM. Wake up and realize you have a cold. And then you realize you started your period. And then your baby starts crying to breastfeed.

*shudder in horror at life*

I applied for ~*dream job*~ now I just have to sit patiently while my hopes are slowly crushed by the passing of time.

Life Goals:



  • Acquire some land
  • Build a small house
  • Live a large life



i wanna be rgr for a day

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It’s 2:43am and I cant sleep bc I just keep thinking about the Children’s Librarian position that just opened up at the Athens library and how badly I want that job. It would be perfect for me, working with two lady assistants who I really like (this lady Rebecca who is sweet and fun and then Keir who some of you might know) in charge of the Children’s department. They have such amazing programs like Baby Jam sessions and teaching kids to play Ukelele’s and giant story times in this amazing new facility they just finished renovating last year. But most of all ITS IN ATHENS which means I could move back and raise Julian in the town I love and eventually buy a house and really feel settled (whereas here in LA I just feel like I’m biding my time).

On the other hand if I did get the job I would feel really REALLY bad because the ppl here did give me this job and took a chance on a stranger (with Sarah’s recommendation) and I know it would be awful to leave them right before Summer Reading but like—- also, I feel like I am not a good fit for this library system. The constant hierarchy is annoying and counter productive, the constant critique and judgement from my 3 different bosses feels constricting and the fact that they plain out wont let me do some of the programs I feel would help them build a teen audience because the community is too conservative -in their opinion-. If all this wasn’t the case, I dunno…. I would probably still prefer to move back to Athens but I would be a lot more hesitant to apply.

This Athens job would basically mean no more moving. For a long long time. Being around friends and family for Julian. Being in a library system and community that benefit from my style. It would be a dream job in my dreamiest city. It makes my heart hurt to think about not getting it.

I am probably getting myself excited for nothing tho bc they probably won’t even call me bc honestly it would just be too amazing. Ahh!

Who will proof read my resume and cover letter for me later tonight? As many people as possible is ideal! 

I make this request with ~*moving back to Athens*~ urgency!!!


It HAS to be perfect! My writing skillz are not that amazing and I feel like I could have a lot more WOW behind my cover letter. Anyone who helps WILL BE properly thanked = SNAIL MAIL LOVE!

dream style

dream style

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a lady in the streets but asleep in the bed

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I’m psyched for the new Generifus record. This preview track is a banger.

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